Social Media for SMEs

Social media often tends to give SMEs an inferiority complex as they feel overshadowed by large brands in the industry they operate in. Without the dedicated inhouse team and topline agencies working on their social media it can seem like an uphill struggle.

However, it should not be so as following a few simple guidelines […]

Social Media for Banking

If we look at the Indian banking industry, there are still many banks like the co-operative banks who have not yet gone social and are wasting valuable time in analyzing the merits of doing that, predominantly because of an anxiety on how the Social platforms like Facebook or Twitter may affect customer security […]

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Ways to enhance your company’s web content.

Basic little improvement to your business website will lead to an increased traffic and also considerably help create awareness for your brand.

Here are some ways we pointed out to help you.

1. Always keep your website Updated.

Many companies rarely seem to update their website. A website that has a blog section where the blogs have […]

How Red Bull uses Facebook

How Red Bull uses Facebook as their marketing platform.

Red Bull is an amazing example of a brand that is well established on social media.

We all know that Facebook marketing is not just about holding on a loads of ‘likes’, but 43 million fans is still a very impressive number. This is the amount of […]

How to promote your business on twitter.

We often say that Twitter is one of our most favourite ways to promote a business. Its an amazing platform to provide a value for your audience as well as it results in leads for your business.

Some ways that shouldbe used to promote business on Twitter.

1. Proper Bio.

Your bio is like an introduction of […]

Big Social Media fails.

Social media can provide you with wonderful platforms for brands to engage with their target audience. When brands use social media well, the results can be terrific. A brand can experience increased loyalty, advocacy and word-of-mouth, all of which can lead to increased sales. However, sometimes things go can go wrong and have a […]

How Email marketing can be effective for your business.

With the emergence of social media, native advertising, whatsapp marketing, you might consider Email Marketing to be a thing of the past, but in the online marketing space, Email marketing continues to be a successful channel for many brands. According to the Direct Marketing Association, the ROI for email marketing is 4,300%. Now that […]

How can digital media be effective for your BRAND.

Businesses are trying their best and putting in all their resources to keep up with the ever changing market scenario. In such a chaotic and competitive situation “Digital Media” can be one of the most efficient solutions for your business. Digital media is rapidly turning into a vital part of the modern marketing mix. […]

Things we can learn from the early social media adopters.

Global companies around the world have opted for social media as their solution for branding, visibility, and reach. These tactics are a way to connect directly with the target audience and to edge past your competitors. But you need to learn from the big players about just how to do it right.

Given below are […]

Learn ways to optimize your business Linkedin Page.

Why to optimize your business LinkedIn page? Because LinkedIn company pages are more and more popular among Marketers who are looking to engage, make networks and generate leads. So why not join millions of big players who have created a Company Page on LinkedIn.

Once you sign up for a company page, follow these simple […]