Our Online Banner or Display advertising services help you gain brand visibility, recognition and mindshare of your targeted online audience.

Banner advertising helps you channelize your marketing investment with the ability to selectively choose web sites and ad properties lets you reach audiences with specific messaging addressed to specific target markets and at specific time bands. It can also help you re-target or chase the audience that matters to you with banner ads. It also lets you track the number of impressions, clicks, interactions and conversion your ad has delivered and analyse them over a period of time to understand which banner ads performed better on which sites and over which ad-positions. Furthermore with display banner advertising, you can rotate images or messages, use video, or interact with users with rollover effects and use innovations like Page-tear, Shosh-kele, Road-Block, Interstitials, etc. Banner advertising offers multiple ways to engage the user and increase interactions with your brand.

Our Display Banner Advertising Service consists of:

  • Campaign Planning
  • Creative development
  • Media Planning and Buying
  • Publisher and Network co-ordination
  • Releasing Insertion Orders
  • Getting the campaign live across sites
  • Provisioning Campaign measurement dashboard
  • Monitoring and Optimizing campaign

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