Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management Service

ORM or Online Reputation Management is the process of managing and improving the reputation of a business or an individual on the online space.

A positive reputation helps in getting more referrals and customers to your business, assists in natural lead generation, thus positively impacting your bottom-line.

The ORM process consists of presenting a positive image of yourself or your business across online platforms. It generally includes tracking the sentiments of information or interaction available about you or your business, verifying, correcting and aligning the information to your business goals, seeding current and positive content about you or your business across online spaces, optimizing the positively classified content for preferential positioning and visibility and finally diluting or submerging the negatively classified content.

Our Online Reputation Management service includes:

Classifying sentiments
Monitoring conversation
Tracking your competition

Measuring Reputation

A company's reputation is its business asset and is central to creating its business value. Our online reputation management solution helps businesses monitor, measure and manage their social and online presence.